Problem-Solving – Tuesday Rerun/Cleaning Ugg Boots and Suede Shoes

Here’s a remedy for cleaning stained suede. If you’re like me and forget about cleaning seude boots when flip-flop weather arrives this might be the perfect problem-solving post for you today.

Cleaning Salt Stains from Ugg Boots

My Ugg Boots were stained by salt last year. I don’t know why I waited a whole year to clean them off, I suppose it is the classic, out of sight, out of mind syndrome. Thankfully, I do know a good way of cleaning them by applying shaving cream and rubbing with a soft cloth. Below you can see my progress. As I write, the boot I treated is sitting beside a heater vent drying. If there is any residue still left I will repeat the steps.


Dampen the entire boot so there is no line of demarcation when they dry. Apply the shaving cream and gently rub the soiled area with a soft cleaning cloth. Spread the shaving cream lightly around the entire boot with the cloth. No need for a heavy coat, just a light touch of the shaving cream will keep the color and texture of the boot uniform. Wipe the excess shaving cream away with a clean damp rag.


The boot on the right was previously treated. You can see the slightest bit of salt stain around arch of the boot, but all in all, unless someone was looking for the problem area, I don’t think it is very noticeable. Give this money saving tip a try. It certainly is a better choice than spending $15.00 or more to have your boots professionally cleaned.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Your ‘fungified’ makes me laugh Susie, I have things around the house that I say have petrified they have sat so long without attention. I like fungified. I think that would be the step an item would reach right before becoming petrified.

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