Places & Pheathers – Town, Country & The Pied Pipers of Raptor

Small Business Saturday has arrived, and we supported the cause by window-shopping in one of the small towns near us, Pitman, New Jersey. I like the reflection of the Broadway Theater in the door.

It’s fun to check out how the small businesses decorate their windows to draw shoppers inside.

We went from town to a small woods and field behind our home. As we walked, a large bird swooped in front of us, almost as if it was showing off a bit, and flew to a tree on the edge of the field. What excitement filled us to see not just one very large hawk, but two. I zoomed in with my camera and after downloading was able to make out their markings. I believe they are a pair of red-tailed hawks, although one appears to be much older than the other. Not only did we see them, they were very aware of us and split up, one flying into the horizon beyond the woods and one towards the homes nearby.

I followed the hawk that flew to the trees near our neighborhood as if it was the Pied Piper of Hamelin, or as my imagination deemed it while I played catch up with it on foot: The Pied Piper of Raptor. I never did get close enough to get a photograph without using the zoom on my lens. Smart birds! What a perfect Saturday we’ve had, a little bit of town, a little bit of country.

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9 thoughts on “Places & Pheathers – Town, Country & The Pied Pipers of Raptor

  1. The reflection of the theatre in the glass of that small shop was great but even more the dolls they put out to attract customers- I wonder what shop it was.
    The two hawks really seem regal- I wonder which one was older- was it the one on the left?
    And then they both flew away to important works after having shown off their majesty and allowed a few pictures. Amazing !

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    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Susie, The dolls are figurines that the shop sells for Christmas. They are beautiful. The one on the right appeared to older to me. The breast was more developed and the head looked a little more age. But I am not an expert on hawks by any means. I enjoyed watching the today.

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  2. Wonderful captures of the Red-tailed Hawks! They are very pretty in flight. I cannot tell which would be older; but if they are a mated pair, the larger of the two is the female, which would be on the right. It looks like she might have just eaten, you can see the crop at the top of her chest expanded. 🙂 I hope they live around your area and you get to see them throughout the fall/winter while the trees are bare!

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    1. Timelesslady

      I am glad to know about the chest expansion. I thought she looked like the older bird for some reason, but perhaps it is because she just ate. I hope I see them too. A few weeks ago one was in front of the house on the telephone pole. I don’t think it was the same one though as these look larger.

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