Perspective & Project – Scrub Pine Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree That Ran Away was a favorite album of my sister and me. Why do I mention this song? Because the words and tune ring through my head whenever I decorate a scrub pine and turn it into a sweet Christmas tree. Here’s the Youtube song, if it sounds dated, it is; the album is from the 1960’s.

I had forgotten how cute a scrub pine can be when decorated with simple ornaments. This one is loaded down with some turned-wood decorations I found for pennies at a thrift store. Planted in a pot and placed on the kitchen table, it reminds me that things that are ‘found’ are sometimes what become favorites during the Christmas season.

We dug this little scrub pine up along the railroad tracks. Plants that grow in the rocks that border the track are by necessity resilient. Most foliage succumbs to the lack of dirt and good soil, which is what the railroad wants…encroaching plants and trees would be a hindrance to the train’s smooth travel. When Christmas is over I’ll find an out of the way spot amid the ivy where a fir tree that can grow in rocky soil will survive.

10 thoughts on “Perspective & Project – Scrub Pine Christmas Tree

    1. Timelesslady

      Well then…I’m feeling blessed by your words…what a wonderful feeling to give to another…that beautiful warmth of feeling “Christmassy”. Thanks so much for leaving me feeling the same through your comment.

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    1. Timelesslady

      They are hardy trees…I’m sure this one will probably live for years in the ivy bed, where not much else has a chance, but this little tree will probably do fine.

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