Photo Challenge – Village Weather Vane

My weather vanes this week are a bit of a departure from the normal. They are miniature and on my mantel atop one of the houses in my Christmas Village.

The village houses, shops, church and lighthouse were first displayed at my parent’s home. When they moved a few year’s ago they didn’t have enough room for all the Christmas decor and I was the lucky recipient of the village.

I love this photograph. It clearly shows the two weather vanes on the ironworks shop. This Christmas village brings me much joy every holiday. Thanks Mom!

Thank you to these bloggers for joining in last week’s challenge, take a look at their posts:
Priorhouse Blog – Photos from Destin, FL
The 59 Club – Old Timer

The Photo Challenge: Each Wednesday, I post a photograph of a Weather Vane with a short description of where it can be found and any history connected to it. The main focus of the challenge is the photo of the Weather Vane and the location. The challenge can be Wordless if that is what you choose. If you would like others to see your post leave a link to your blog in the comment box. You can also tag the post #weathervaneweds. If you place a link to my post in your post you will create a pingback that will appear in the comment section. The challenge is open all week for comments and posts. Thanks so much for taking part in my challenge.

Many thanks to Cee, of Cee’s Photography, for including this challenge in her listing of WordPress Challenges. If you love challenges take a look at this page and while you are there check out some of Cee’s terrific posts. Thanks Cee!

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