Perspective – Jingling Bells or Clattering Chains

Yesterday morning we had a bit of clear weather before another rainy spell descended. I took a quick walk around the neighborhood to get a bit of exercise. The quiet of my winter jaunt was suddenly filled with the jingling of bells. The chiming was courtesy of a local mail carrier delivering the day’s mail. He was wearing a string of sleigh bells as part of his uniform and with every step the lovely jingling grew louder. I wouldn’t have been able to quench the big smile that spread over my face if I had tried. Added to the music of the bells was a ‘Happy New Year’ greeting from the carrier. I told him he had brightened my day just when I had needed an uplift, and it was 100% the truth. I felt the heavy load of the moment lightened by the sound of the bells and his greeting of cheer.

Photo courtesy of Project Gutenberg

For some reason as I walked away I was immediately struck by a contrasting thought of the clattering chains the ghost of  Jacob Marley wore in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I immediately decided that in the coming year I want to bring the joy of jingling bells to others rather than weigh them down by the heavy chains of negativity. I want to spread a positive outlook as far as I am able. I don’t believe in false optimism or perky attitudes when tragedy or negative situations besiege others or myself, but I hope that as often as I can, I will bring to others a voice of hope in 2019.

“…All thought, however trivial-seeming, however fleeting, is immeasurably powerful.” ~ Faith Hill

I hope to dwell in positive thoughts the whole year through. Happy New Year to all my blogging friends.

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