Projects – Tin Can Upcycle Part IV & Winter Sowing Update

Since one of my goals for the blog is to be honest when a project fails me I must tell you about the crash of my tin can contraption. The cans are still in perfect condition, but the wire hanging apparatus has crashed. It held up great…through rain, strong wind, but it could not hold up to me grabbing it in mid-fall to save myself from hitting the ground. I did end up on the ground, the tin can hanger hit the ground too. Happily, I am fine, and the cans are all fine. Only one plant was jostled out of it’s can and it was easily replanted. The wire apparatus broke into several pieces. I could have fixed it, but anticipating another disaster, hung my colorful cans on the fenceposts surrounding my garden. I really like them here! We can see them from the back window and my husband also said he thought they looked good around the garden. Live and learn! Don’t try to save yourself when you fall by grabbing something even remotely rickety.

While I was near the garden with my camera I thought it a good time to update my winter-sown lettuce progress. It’s growing so fast I’m going to have to start filling bags to give away. It’s delicious and tastes great mixed with organic romaine hearts from the grocer.

PS: If you’re wondering how I fell the truth is I have no idea. One minute I was picking flowers from the cans to press, the next I was on my way down.

21 thoughts on “Projects – Tin Can Upcycle Part IV & Winter Sowing Update

  1. Interesting 2016 article. Glad you weren’t seriously injured and your relocated flowers look good in their new locations. I have on a few rare occasions lost my center of balance (while walking) for no apparent reason. Fortunately, I was at home. I chalked it up to aging and this article gives a good explanation. BTW, didn’t notice this in my 50’s, this has been more of a recent anomaly.

    Adults over 50 lose their footing as their balance declines

    If you are over 50, stop what you are doing right now and take a little test: See if you can stand on one foot for a full minute.

    If you can’t, you have a lot of company. While the average thirty- or fortysomething came close to the minute mark in a recent study, people in their 50s made it just 45 seconds. For people in their 60s, it was 40 seconds; for those in their 70s, it was 27 seconds, and for folks over 80, it was 12 seconds.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I know my balance isn’t as good as it once was…my mother was in my yard today and was about to lose her balance. I grabbed her hand…good thing I was able to keep mine at that time. I’ve noticed most balance problems seem to come when the level of the surface changes. My yard has a slight incline and that is usually where I will lose my balance.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I would love to make some stepping stones one day. I put some round rocks on the ground and the ground has reclaimed any I haven’t dug back out to put around my gardens.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I played Kick-The-Can with my neighbors. We had a wonderful time. It was almost a tragedy to be called in for the night in the middle of the game.

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  2. Your tale made a good post. I’m glad your tail bone is fine, too. I might vote for having the color in the garden, especially when there are no flamboyant flowers blooming out there. It’s like a disconnected rainbow.

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