Pests – Sawfly

Sawflies are turning some of my rose leaves into skeletons by eating the flesh away. The nasty little creatures have attacked every rose bush to some degree. I try to grow organically so I just pick them off and drop them in a can of water. The sawflies are extremely small and it takes a bit of up-close searching to find them; they blend in perfectly with the green of the leaves. Gardens Alive has a good tip on their answer page concerning sawflies.

“On roses and similar plants, handpick the pests, spray them off with sharp streams of water early in the morning (knock them down and they can’t get back up), or spray neem or one of the new spinosad products.” Gardens Alive

When I notice a skeletonized leaf I check the rose all over and pick off the sawflies. So far I don’t have anything near an infestation, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep them under control. The roses are beautiful in May and June as they come into bloom. I don’t want their appearance marred by ruined foliage.

6 thoughts on “Pests – Sawfly

    1. Timelesslady

      I hope so too Susie. I love the blooms and the way the green of the leaves accentuates the beautiful colors. There’s always some pest to battle in the garden. It makes the successes sweeter though.


      1. For people who live in hot climes like me, it is a wonder and a pleasure to see even one flower or one butterfly- we don’t go looking for pests because we see the flowers more than the pests- perhaps there are pests on my rose plants too but I have not noticed them. I hope that your pests all go away without any artificial pesticide.

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        1. Timelesslady

          I do too Susie, I don’t like using dangerous chemicals and will let the pests have everything before I poison the yard. Some of the pests, such as Japanese beetles will eat the flower buds before they roses even have a chance to open, but if you are diligent it’s possible to remove them by hand just like the sawfly larvae.

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