Phlutters – Here We Go Again/Part V


The first butterfly emerged today. I came home from an outing and found the newly born winged creature on the screen door. When I did swing the door open the butterfly flew away so quickly I knew he/she was healthy and without any flaw that will keep it from sipping nectar and reproducing in the next few weeks.

And a little sidenote…

My pots of dill have at least eleven new black swallowtail caterpillars munching away. Here we go again…again!

9 thoughts on “Phlutters – Here We Go Again/Part V

    1. Timelesslady

      …and some good news for the bees…my sister is a very successful beekeeper. She has several hives and they produce really good honey and also pollinate her big vegetable garden.

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        1. Timelesslady

          I love bees of all kinds. I really enjoy the chubby bumble bees that visit the flowers in my garden. When I see a honeybee I always wonder if it is from my sister’s hives. I only live two miles away and it’s possible they are hers.

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  1. Wow ! Wow ! Wow!
    Never ceasing to be amazed at the wonder of new life, and new growths and happy creatures. I love the perception of happiness that comes from new life, the hope and the strength that makes any creature rise up confidently and move forward each day.
    My husband was not eating his breakfast completely this morning. The banana he was eating it with was slushy and so he stopped eating his bamboo cake( made with rice flour and coconut). I told him to eat it fully as he is steadily losing weight- finally, I brought him a tsp of sugar and some ghee and asked him to eat up his cake. He ate with relish and went to work a happy man. Even though we tell everyone to avoid eating sugar, there comes a time when even a teaspoon of sugar can bring happiness in a person’s life. What is life, if no happiness?
    Your posts bring me happiness, Kathy.
    Happy our Lord’s day, Kathy.

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks so much Susie. It was Father’s Day. We heard a special speaker in church, spent time with family, and then we were able to eat together. It was a lovely day.
      I love the way you fixed up the cake your husband was not eating. You sound just like me. You sound like a sweet wife to me. Thanks Susie, Kathy

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