Project – Bandana with Hair Ties (Stand-in Medical Mask)

Dollar Tree still has dozens of hair ties. You can also substitute rubber bands. I can sew, but with everything I am doing in the garden I’d rather not. This is a great tip for making a stand-in mask during the Covid-19 crisis. You can use a bandana or fabric if you have a stash on hand. Even a shirt, cut into a square, a sheet, or a pillowcase…any type of covering is better than nothing…and remember…wash after just one use to get rid of germs.

5 thoughts on “Project – Bandana with Hair Ties (Stand-in Medical Mask)

        1. Timelesslady

          Ich war besorgt um diejenigen, die das Virus haben, aber ich bin auch besorgt über die Auswirkungen, die eine Nichtbeschäftigung auf so viele tausend Menschen haben wird. Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch im Blog. Ich verwende Google Translate, um zu versuchen, in Ihrer Sprache zu antworten. Ich entschuldige mich, wenn es Worte gibt, die nicht stimmen.

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          1. Oh, no, all well, whether google or bing, the main thing is that you can share your thoughts, thank you very much, of course many of us are very concerned about the extent and consequences of a known virus, from whom it comes from, and much more, it is important that we take very good care of us, healthy memory and as little as possible, alcohol and animal fat, stay healthy and that is a person’s first job. health. and everything else comes again. all very well, best wishes to you and your family ..(((*L*)))


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