Peculiarities & Phlutters – Strange Beginnings

A few days ago my husband called to me, “There’s a butterfly in the chipmunk trap.” When I looked inside the empty trap there sat a butterfly on the bottom grate. We’ve trapped several of the destructive chipmunks in the past few weeks, but a butterfly inside was quite a surprise. I opened the trap, offered my index finger, and the butterfly climbed aboard. I thought it would fly away, but instead it dropped to the ground. The butterfly seemed newly hatched. I let it climb onto my finger again and placed it on a bush, leaving it there to dry its wings.

I went back and checked the trap, turning it upside down. Attached to the roof was the remains of the chrysalis. I have no idea how it survived the chipmunks as they attempted to escape the trap.

I am assuming the lucky butterfly survived. A day later, I saw a black swallowtail flitting about the yard. Amazing! I think, last Autumn, when I was saving late season caterpillars, this one traveled from my porch into the garage. The chrysalis was there all winter inside the trap. A strange beginning for sure!

8 thoughts on “Peculiarities & Phlutters – Strange Beginnings

    1. Timelesslady

      The grate is pretty small, I don’t know if it would have made it out…maybe, but probably not without some damage. We seem to have less butterflies too. I grow dill and fennel organically and get many eggs on them, they hatch, and then seem to disappear before they grow large. I’ve taken them onto my porch in the last few years to give them a better chance. It seems to work without upsetting their life cycle.

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  1. I’m glad the butterfly made it. I’ve had a few red and black moths in my garden that seem to be a bit too early for their usual food. We had a hot May followed by a cold spell and it seems to have confused their timing.

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  2. Timelesslady

    I’ve seen a few yellow swallowtails, no monarchs, only a black swallowtail or two so far this Spring. Now that it’s warming up I should see more. Thanks for the comment. ☺


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