Plants – Moringa Update

In early May I posted a few words about my attempts to grow a Moringa plant. Moringa is a powerhouse plant, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
You can read my first post here: How to grow and use Moringa. A few days afterwards I posted a guest article by SusieShy on her Moringa Tree.

Here are two of my Moringa plants, started from seeds in the Spring, and planted in containers. They have thrived, and are growing at an astonishing rate. Soon I will begin to harvest and use their leaves. I can’t wait to see if they will bloom and create the drumsticks. If they do another update will be sure to follow.

The trees have branched out in every direction and send out new shoots at a steady pace.

Unfortunately, the Moringa I planted in my garden plot has not thrived. In our area the added warmth of the black containers helped the patio Moringas grow better. They are, after all, a plant of the tropics. I am hoping to continue growing the plants and will try to bring them in to the house in the Autumn.

12 thoughts on “Plants – Moringa Update

    1. Timelesslady

      I would love to be able to grow them year round. I will probably leave the two I have in pots, and another sprouting now, in their containers and try to overwinter them in a sunny spot. Do you use the moringa in any way? I want to use it as tea, but have heard alone it may be bitter.

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          1. Yes you boil the mung beans first until soft, set aside. Saute little slices of pork, add the mung beans, put the moringa leaves last. Detach the leaves first from the stem. You can find this in YouTube, just google Ginisang Monggo.

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    1. Timelesslady

      They are doing well in the pots. This is good because when it gets cold, I will cut them back and try to keep them over the winter in the house. Oh my are they large. In just a few months they are near waist high and they have already developed bark on their stems.


  1. Did you try using the mung beans and moringa leaves together? we get fresh moringa leaves almost every day now, freshly washed by the tropical rain, unlike the dusty leaves of the Middle East.
    How one plant differs from location to location. It is a wonder of our world.

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    1. Timelesslady

      I haven’t yet Susie…so good to hear from you! I have been dehydrating the leaf fronds to store for tea. I am absolutely amazed at the growth rate. I will have to update again soon. I have even been pressing leaves and they are gorgeous. They retain their lovely green color. Kathy


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