People – JFK – November 22, 1963

I was six years old, a student in Mrs. Johnson’s first grade class, attending school at Mount Pleasant Elementary in Easton, Maryland. I will never forget the day of the assassination. I will never forget the news coverage. At that time you could trust the press, they had integrity, or did they? I wonder what the truth really is concerning JFK’s death. Did he die because he spoke the truth and became an inconvenience to unseen powers? I don’t know…will probably not know until I reach heaven. In the meantime, I will go on living the best life I can, trying to preserve as much good as I’m able…and that’s my theme for the coming year. I’ll write a bit more about that tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “People – JFK – November 22, 1963

  1. vicki

    I was in Miss Stallings 4th grade in Frankfurt Germany in the International School. It was recess, and the whole school went into Distress Mode. I didn’t really understand what was happening but I could see how everyone was reacting and it was an eery strange feeling. I knew it was something terrible, but we didn’t have tv’s there and news was slow. I’ve had three days like that in my life…where time just kind of stood still……
    1 the JFK assassination
    2 The challenger that blew up with the school teacher on board. I knew it had blown up immediately. I’ll never forget the moment. There was just total silence on the TV…as they were trying to figure out what happened. But I knew.
    3. the towers in NY. Unbelievable day.


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