Pheathers – Timely Tip

Fresh water is essential for the health of backyard birds in the winter. In cold weather my usual birdbaths are retired to prevent ice damage. To offer the birds water I spent two dollars at the local dollar store. I use an oil drip pan, on top of a deli tray for stability, and place this set-up on my bird bath fixture. It works great. To keep the water flowing through icy temperatures and snow I pour a pitcher of water on top about three times a day. Even in heavy winds the plastic birdbath holds firm.

Here’s a dove during yesterday’s snowstorm, getting a drink from the makeshift birdbath. I hope you can see through my window screen. No matter how quietly I try to sneak that window and screen up to photograph the birds, they are always wise to me, and quickly fly away.

*Added this tip after posting: My water pan (oil drip pan) is a 5. This plastic is considered safe for food storage. More info can be found here: Which Plastics are Safe for Food?

17 thoughts on “Pheathers – Timely Tip

  1. Awww, you’re amazing and so creative. Thank you for taking care of our feathered friends! 💖 I know, via Cornell’s bird programs, that a number migrate to warmer weather but we still have some that hang around.

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    1. Yes!! I always look forward to viewing the Red-Tailed Hawk couple, Big Red and Arthur. Think we’ll be coming up on the “J” series of chicks? I might be off by a letter. I began watching the Red-Tails when Big Red had her former partner (who was eventually injured and was euthanized – window strike on campus, chasing prey), Ezra. Believe that was the “C” series of chicks. And I’m always relieved and happy when the chicks successfully fledge and adjust to their new environment.

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  2. I bought a drip pan today and put water out for the birds. Granddog Sadie was the first to use it, lapping a bit of water before we went back inside. I hoped to see birds drinking, but I wasn’t at the computer long during daylight hours. I did see a female cardinal eye the water carefully, but something scared her off. I hope to have better luck tomorrow.


      1. Not a single bird has taken a drink while I was looking. This morning son John $ helped me find two rocks to put in the water. Maybe they will find that inviting. Tonight I’m going to empty the water after dark. I had a huge solid block of ice out there this morning.

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          1. It’s a lovely, sunny day, but the birds are not interested in water. We do have lots of little mountain streams scattered about, so it’s not as if they couldn’t find water to drink or splash in.


  3. I have an old email from Cornell, dated Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 2:37 PM where Cornell announced the arrival of BR’s 1st egg.

    “Big Red Lays An Egg On Red-tailed Hawk Cam!”
    Cornell RTH

    So, we have a little over a month to go before she lays her first egg of the season. Then the fun begins…LOL! Waiting and waiting and…😀. Arthur was at the nest a few weeks ago, reconnoitering and probably taking inventory of the extra twigs he has to bring in.

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