Plants & Photo Challenges – Bald Cypress Tree

When I saw Cee’s Pick a Topic challenge today, my front yard Bald Cypress immediately became my focus. Planted about the time my first grandson was born, it has probably been growing for about fifteen years.

The challenge, November Pick a Topic, included orange, along with other words, vintage, cast iron, etc. Orange is my choice, because it is easily accessible, blazing in the sunlight; my Bald Cypress glows russet orange.

The tree, although an evergreen, is a deciduous evergreen and loses its leaves in the Autumn. The leaves, when they fall, are like velcro and stick to whatever they touch. Small evergreens in my front garden are now wearing a garland of rust. The lawn becomes carpeted, making it fun to mow, turning the grass from orange to green again.

Whenever we drive down our road on the way home from outings, and I spy this majestic tree, I can’t help exclaiming, “What a beautiful tree.” It has grown from a six foot sprig, to a towering giant, and is now beginning to dwarf the house. Bald Cypress trees can grow to 120 feet and can live for 600 years.

In a corner of my garden a small sprig of a Bald Cypress tree is growing. Planted by way of the wind,or a foraging squirrel, it now stands about a foot. In the Spring, I will have to decide what to do with it. It needs to have plenty of space. In twenty years, it might be on its way to becoming a giant too.

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7 thoughts on “Plants & Photo Challenges – Bald Cypress Tree

    1. I’ve seen yards near the Delaware Bay that are filled with knees. So far, although we have a few roots that have broke the surface, there aren’t any knees. I guess you can cut them off if they emerge. I hope that is a battle I won’t have to fight.

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  1. K., I subscribe to the Farmers’ Almanac articles online and this particular one made me think of you because I know you are concerned about our wild winged critters, etc. and do what you can in your gardens to accommodate them. I rarely see them
    flitting around here in the summer, in contrast to my childhood in the 50’s. If I had my own house (vs. an apt.), I would gladly grow flowers/plants in a garden to draw them in.
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