Phish – Lucy and Ethel (Part 2) – Problem Solving with Goldfish

As with everything, the promise of joy can come with some problems. The first problem I encountered was aquarium water that began to resemble pea soup. Yes, my pristine aquarium, within a matter of weeks was as green as the Grinch. I tried what I thought would help…aquarium additives. Chemicals. They were expensive so I figured they must work. Wrong. They didn’t help at all. The aquarium became greener by the hour. Part of the problem was the LED lights. They created a beautiful brilliance within the aquarium, but they also created ALGAE. Green algae. After weeks of trying to conquer the problem with chemicals I felt beaten.

Enter the Green Killing Machine. I researched the problem and read the only way to seriously control the green was through Ultraviolet technology. It was expensive. Of course. I was desperate though, and bought one. Within days the Green Killing Machine did what it promised, cleared out the algae and left behind perfect, crystal clear water. If I had one piece of advice to give when setting up an aquarium it would be to purchase a green killing machine right at the start.

The next problem was Ethel getting a piece of gravel stuck in her mouth. I hoped she could resolve it, but when she began floating sideways on the bottom, I knew I had to help her out, and managed to remove the gravel with a pair of tweezers. Ethel appeared fine within a few hours after the hasty operation.

The most distressing problem I am facing now seems impossible to fix. Lucy has a swim bladder problem and struggles to swim normally. This exhausts her and she often uses the wire from the green killing machine as a hammock. I’ve read fish with a rounded body form are more susceptible to this condition, and I’ve tried a few of the tips that might help. So far there has been no improvement; perhaps Lucy is destined to live part of her life swimming upside down. Hmmm…lately there have been a lot of days when I’ve felt as topsy-turvy as Lucy. I suppose I just need to take on her attitude: be calm, swim on, and enjoy the view.

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