Phlashback – Throwback Thursday/Watch the Tram Car Please!

The tram car, a Wildwood, New Jersey icon, has been traveling the boards for over seventy years. Believe it or not (Sounds like Ripley’s) this is the first year I can remember riding it. If I rode it as a child I don’t remember, but the voice of the tram is something imprinted within my brain, and also a well-known local phrase I can perfectly mimic. In a strange way the canned voice, cautioning unwary walkers out of the way is oddly soothing.

Here is a super-short video, filmed in July, a timeless portrayal of the boardwalk in summer. We were in the first car, and you can briefly see me reflected in the rearview mirror as I film. You can see another tram car passing on the right side as the car driver stops to pick up new passengers. For $4.00 one way, $8.00 round trip, you can ride the entire boardwalk.


The Tram Car is part of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #215, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

6 thoughts on “Phlashback – Throwback Thursday/Watch the Tram Car Please!

  1. Coincidentally, we are in New Jersey as I am writing this, Mt. Laurel, outside of Philly. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to ride the tram this time through, but who knows… we might make it up that way after all.
    It looks like a fun time on the boardwalk.

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    1. The Wildwood Boardwalk is great. We especially love it in the Spring and Fall, even Winter for biking. We bicycle in summer too, but it is dicey with all the people walking about. Cape May is a favorite town for us too. I love the diamond beach and the point. Last year we walked the trails near the lighthouse for the first time. It was lovely, a lot of swans. Thanks for the comment.


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