Phlowers – In a Vase on Monday (IAVOM)

Such a busy time of year. I’ve been lax with blogging, but I so love taking part in the IAVOM challenge, I scurried around the yard cutting stems today before I began planting out seedlings. The little goldfinch is a reminder of my first glimpse of brilliant yellow goldfinches this past week. I’m so happy to see them in their summer colors. The bouquet is created with Japanese Photinia, yellow tulips edged in pinks, and a stem of comfrey.

As it matured, the colors of this yellow tulip became even brighter. Lovely! I think this tulip is worthy to be a part of Cee’s Flower of the Day.

The comfrey blooms once a year. I am going to save seeds to send to my sister who has begun a Flower Farm in North Carolina.

Not only is it an evergreen through the winter, it blooms in the spring. The new leaves are a gorgeous shade of blush pink/red. Japanese Photinia is a perfect choice for a garden tree/bush.

5 thoughts on “Phlowers – In a Vase on Monday (IAVOM)

  1. I had never considered that photinia would have blooms, but I can see they make a useful addition to a vase. And what a pretty shade of pink the comfrey is – shame it only flowers once though

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    1. Today the tight buds opened up into small flowers. That surprised me. I hope the bees find them. It’s very chilly here and not much blooming. Southern NJ tends to go from very cool spring to hot summer in a heartbeat.


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