Plans – Snow on the Way

I listened to the weather report this morning and know Chicago is experiencing snow. Their weather system will soon head our way and meet up with another big storm moving up the coast line creating a powerful Nor’easter. Snow is on the way.

The forsythia bursting into bloom just a few days ago has bowed its yellow blossoms in defeat, closing their cuplike petals against the cold and coming precipitation.

Only a few days ago I walked the neighborhood sidewalks with my grand-daughters, searching for periwinkles in bloom. We found a few, but now those brave little flowers will soon be buried under inches of snow. No one wants to experience a record-setting snowstorm so close to Spring. My wish is for just a few inches of the beautiful white stuff and then glorious sunshine prompting a quick meltaway.

The daffodils look like they know what is coming and have already given up. Later on, I’ll go out and once again cut anything that is blooming, rather than leaving pretty flowers outdoors to languish under the snow.

Plans – Theme Words


Keep at the goals, resolutions and dreams you made at the start of 2016. Remind yourself of the reward if you achieve success! These rocks collected on the beaches of Block Island, Rhode Island, were the perfect base/weights to hold my winter theme word letters, “COMMIT.” They are a good reminder to me to take a few steps towards my goals each day.

Plants & Plans – Seed Catalogs and Garden Journals

pinetree garden seeds

Yesterday was the perfect day for a bit of sunshine in the way of garden catalogs. I found a copy of the Pinetree Garden Seeds Catalog in my mailbox, and in my virtual mailbox I received notification of the new edition of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog. Both of these favorites were a high point in a rather cloudy day.

The arrival of these catalogs prompted me to pull out last year’s garden journal. I use a spiral notebook for my garden notes. I appreciate having the option of pulling out a page I’m disappointed with, and I also like the low price. (50 cents to $5.00) I’ve tried fancier, and more expensive journals, but prefer an inexpensive spiral with an interesting print as a cover, or as in the case of this year’s notebook, an intense garden green.

garden notebook

I tape plant tags, glue down used seed packets, and make notes to myself on these pages. Perhaps tonight I will read through each entry  and highlight the plants that were successful, or write a big, “NO! beside the disappointments I don’t want to repeat.

Even though gardening might be a low priority on your to-do list now that Autumn is waning, it is the perfect time begin dreaming and planning for the 2016 growing season.

Plants and Plans – Bargain Bulbs

This has been my week for bargains. I stopped in a local box store Friday and found bins of bulbs that had not sold. They were almost giving them away at 75 percent off. I bought several packs to force in the Spring.

FORCING THE BULBS is not difficult. There are several ways to do this. The bulbs can be shallowly planted and kept outdoors in a cold frame. Another way is to plant and keep the bulbs in the back of the fridge. I have had success with this in the past. This year I am hoping to force some of the tulips in this way.

FORCING BULBS IN WATER is another way to bring them into bloom. I have success with this technique using hyacinth bulbs. I have never tried with tulips, but this year will give it a go. I’ll update this post in the Spring.

My bulbs in brown lunch bags getting a shot of cold air in the crisper bin of my refridgerator.