Plans – Snow on the Way

I listened to the weather report this morning and know Chicago is experiencing snow. Their weather system will soon head our way and meet up with another big storm moving up the coast line creating a powerful Nor’easter. Snow is on the way.

The forsythia bursting into bloom just a few days ago has bowed its yellow blossoms in defeat, closing their cuplike petals against the cold and coming precipitation.

Only a few days ago I walked the neighborhood sidewalks with my grand-daughters, searching for periwinkles in bloom. We found a few, but now those brave little flowers will soon be buried under inches of snow. No one wants to experience a record-setting snowstorm so close to Spring. My wish is for just a few inches of the beautiful white stuff and then glorious sunshine prompting a quick meltaway.

The daffodils look like they know what is coming and have already given up. Later on, I’ll go out and once again cut anything that is blooming, rather than leaving pretty flowers outdoors to languish under the snow.

14 thoughts on “Plans – Snow on the Way

        1. Sounds better than it does here…we are now hearing snow, then rain, then snow again. That can mean a lot of icy surfaces and power outages. My sister is in NC. I hope she doesn’t have weather that’s too bad.


            1. Hi Anne, we have a bit of snow on the ground overnight, then it rained, now the rain is turning icy, and wait…even as I write, I hear the pelting on the windows stop and see it has turned to snow again. Just twenty minutes away in Philadelphia it has been all snow…at least I think so. My electric went off for a bit and I was without Internet or weather forecasts. Since my town is just a little nearer to the coastline (about an hour’s drive) than Philly we sometimes benefit from the sea air and get less icy/snowy precipitation. I’m glad you are not having terrible weather in your state.

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    1. Susie, I just posted a photograph on the blog while I still have Internet and electricity. It snowed a bit, then rained, and now the rain is getting icy once again. We lost electricity for about an hour, but now it is back on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens a few times again.


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