Photo Challenge – Dewdrops

Bright April – Dewdrops – The word dewdrop brings to mind poetry. It’s such a pretty word for an ephemeral miracle of condensation. I thought this was a perfect photo for ‘getting to know you,‘ courtesy of the lens-artist photo challenge #145. Laying on the ground to get a perfect capture is very much who I am, the photo tells a bit of my story in that aspect, and so lets you know a little about me.

Each tiny dewdrop resembles a streetlight. I wonder if they illuminate the way of insects traversing the sprigs of grass. The brightness of this square will be my last entry in Becky’s April – Bright Square Challenge.

Phlowers – Flower of the Day/Bright Yellow Alyssum

The beautiful gold tones, the delicate details, of Yellow Alyssum (Aurinia saxatilis) are blooming in my garden today. A perfect choice for Cee’s Flower of the Day and also Bright April Squares Challenge from BeckyB of Winchester.

My Plant is about ten inches tall, and about that size in width too. I planted it last Spring and it came through a snowy New Jersey winter very well. The flowers only bloom one time for me, but the bluish green foliage blends in well with other garden plants.

My golden alyssum florets and stems press perfectly. I gather a few and place them between the pages of a book. Long after the outdoor blooms have come and gone, the pressed flowers from this plant are still vibrant and intact.

The Spruce has a great article on growing Yellow Alyssum. (Aurinia saxatilis)