Problem-Solving – Bunnies…Again!


I wrote a few weeks ago about rabbits nipping off the leaves of my lilies. When the clover thrived in my backyard they left their garden bed nibbling for better grazing amongst the sweet flowers.


My lilies recovered, grew, and began to bud, but alas and alack, my husband mowed down the high grass in the backyard for our Memorial Day picnic. I didn’t think much about it until a few days ago when I noticed a bunny sitting in the garden bed, very still. The plants nearby his location were gently swaying in a strange motion and there was no breeze.


OH NO! It dawned on me the strange swaying was being caused by the front incisors of the rabbit’s teeth. I ran out, but not in time, the bunny had bitten down three of my lily stems and eaten them.


I immediately grabbed my wrist rocket slingshot, but couldn’t seem to bring myself to use it. I wanted to sting the bunny, but not harm him, and I had no idea what ammunition would work but cause no lasting pain. I asked my husband if a craft pompom wet down with hot sauce would work and he just laughed at me. I think I hear you laughing too!


I’m putting my pest repellent skills in play, instead of trying to shoot pompoms or pebbles, and simmering some dried Chile de Arbol in water with garlic and onion to create a potent, smelly hot sauce mix that will repel those Wascally Wabbits. (This said for the benefit of those old enough to remember Elmer Fudd. 😀 )


My crockpot, placed outside on the porch, is the easiest way I’ve found to cook this potion. The smell is very strong. After a few hours, I drain off the water, strain several times, and spray the plant being eaten. This natural solution works, but has a few drawbacks: it washes away in the rain and must be reapplied, it is hard to strain finely enough to spray out of a normal spray bottle, and worst of all…the peppers can burn eyes, skin, and even the lungs.  Please be especially careful not to inhale the fumes.


I also grind the peppers and scatter them among the garden beds. This is the most likely way you will inhale the dust so wearing a mask is not a bad idea.

Dangers of Chili Powder

If it works, it will be worth it to me, but if you try it, please be cautious when handling the peppers. Updates will follow.

Pleasures and Problem-Solving – Bunnies


Years ago I transplanted some violets to my gardens. They are very prolific…almost becoming weedlike in spots. They are even scattered throughout the lawn. I love them though…they are welcome in my yard.


Recently, I spotted this little bunny under a pine. I have mixed feelings about bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks. I love them and enjoy watching their antics in the yard, but they also can be invasive and cause quite a bit of damage in the yard and gardens. I guess I will have to develop the same love for their invasiveness as I do for the violets and learn to battle them gently, but also enjoy their presence.