Posies – Friday Florals/Christmas Wreath

wreath 004

I enjoyed creating this Christmas wreath for my dining room wall. The colors are not traditionally Christmas, but they perfectly match the decor in the room. There are so many beautiful Christmas silks on the market now; I had a hard time making a choice.

A hot glue gun is the perfect tool for crafting wreaths. The silk flowers, after you cut away most of the stems with wire cutters, are very light and easy to attach with just a drop or two of glue in the recesses of the grapevine wreath. The Christmas ornaments are even easier, add a little glue to the top hanger and hide that portion within the leaves or wreath.

Special tip: If you don’t have wire cutters, raid your husband or boyfriend’s tool box. Many cutting or stripping tools have an additional area below the blades that are made for cutting wire. I can never seem to keep track of my wire cutters and these are a perfect stand-in tool.