Pleasures – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’ve been reading inspirational books by Faith Baldwin. Published in the 1960’s, the gentle wisdom, the spirit of the lady, are a balm in these up and down times we are living in. If you ever have a chance to read one of her non-fiction books, please do, you will find your spirit soothed.

“I believe firmly that whatever path a man travels in his journey toward his Creator, he will find upon it the quiet turning asides, the resting places provided for thanksgiving, trust, and sharing.” ~Faith Baldwin, Harvest of Hope

I wish for you in the midst of your Thanksgiving day, and the coming Christmas season, to find times of ‘quiet turning asides,’ and a renewed sense of hope and joy.

Quote – Heart’s Gratitude

“Thanksgiving is very vocal: doorbells ringing, kitchen sounds, automobiles hurrying up driveways, and in cities hasty footsteps resounding on pavements. It is also full of sounds of greeting, welcome, laughter, and reunion.

But it’s quiet during the moments when we pause to offer heart’s gratitude, not only for the blessings of the months past but for the disciplines; and above all for the ability to believe in the future, whatever we may read or hear; to believe in friends, in love, in the world itself, no matter how troubled it may be.” ~ Faith Baldwin

I always feel a sense of calm when I read the reflections of Faith Baldwin. I have three of her books and most often when I read her words I am inspired by her insight. The quote above was taken out of Evening Star, pubished in 1966.