Quick Tip – Flexible Garden Ties


I’ve checked the garden section of my local dollar stores for weeks, hoping to find a new supply of flexible ties. Today, I found what I’d been seeking. These ties are absolutely the best! Last year I bought two packets, this year I bumped up my total to three, and I am wondering now if I should have bought double that amount. What a bargain! Sixteen and half feet for only a dollar. I’ve also seen the same packets in other garden centers, but they are a few dollars more. These ties are available for a limited time in most dollar stores.


I took this photo today, just minutes ago. The support I created for my climbing roses withstood late summer heat and winter weather and is still holding the arching branches of the rose with ease. The cushioned exterior, the strong wire within, are the perfect tie for most garden plants.


I also had great success last year protecting emerging seedlings and lettuce patches with small cages of wire created with the flexible tie. This lettuce plant survived the winter, and since hungry rabbits abound in my yard, I’m protecting it now before they begin to nibble on it.

If you are a gardener you can’t go wrong buying a few packets of flexible ties to have on hand. Hmmm…now I’m wondering what I can use the ties for in the house.