Place – Rocklands Bird Sanctuary/Feeding Station

The view of Montego Bay, Jamaica from Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
The view of Montego Bay, Jamaica from Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

“Rocklands was established by Lisa Salmon, a self-taught ornithologist , one of Jamaica’s first environmentalists. Miss Salmon or “the bird lady” as she was affectionately known purchased the Rocklands property in 1954.”

~ Jamaica Travel and Culture


In the mountains of Jamaica, near the town of Anchovy, a thirty-minute drive from Montego Bay, my husband and I entered a world unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. I posted a picture of a hummingbird on my finger a few weeks ago, and this is the accompanying story of that moment in Anchovy, Jamaica, at the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary.


Before we even encountered the birds, we were amazed by the surroundings. Sitting on the beautiful terrace, bordered by hand-crafted concrete planters, the abundance of lush green beauty began soul-soothing us immediately. For me, this was a slice of heaven on earth. I love plants, nature, and birds and Rocklands Bird Sanctuary perfectly combines all three.


The key to the experience is “patience,” our guide Fred told us, and we found it to be the case. The hummingbirds eyed us up a bit from their perches near the roof of the terrace, deciding if we were worthy of their attention.


My husband patiently held the small bottle of sugar-water and finger at the ready, and was rewarded with tiny bird feet touching down. (There is bird-seed spread on his legs to draw other birds in.)


I came away from the experience with Rocklands Bird Sanctuary forever imprinted upon my heart. I was also inspired to create a few bird feeding stations of my own, but that is a post for tomorrow. 🙂

Postscript: Don’t miss out on the trails that surround this beautiful sanctuary if you are able to take a tour.

Phun & Preparedness & Place – Ingenuity Part I


Jamaica is one of our favorite places to visit. I love the land, the sea, and most of all the people. The DeCameron, a lovely hotel in Montego Bay, is one of our favorite places to stay. They are expanding in size, and we enjoyed watching the work going on around us. We were very impressed by this man’s ingenuity in shielding himself from the hot sun with a large piece of cardboard. The cardboard is light in weight, but its broadness cast a large shadow, protecting him from the heat. I would never have thought of such a good idea, but I will definitely file it away in my thoughts as a perfect solution for blazing sunshine.


Photo Challenge – Color Your World/Breaking the “Brrrrrr” Factor with Color

Winter has given us the cold shoulder here in the Northeast U.S. We were spoiled with record-breaking warm temperatures throughout December, and now January is demanding we pay for it with cold, blustery wind and temperatures.

IMG_5327 (2)

A beach scene taken at Montego Bay, Jamaica warms my heart, if not my fingers and toes. It’s also the perfect photo to use in a new challenge I found on the blog of Jennifer Nichole Wells: Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola. Challenges are a great way to discover new blogs and new blogging friends.

The color for today is Blue-Green. I think the swathe of ocean cutting through the center of the photograph matches the January 13th challenge color of blue-green.

Pheathers – Birds of the Caribbean Part II


One of the joys of our days at the Royal Decameron in Montego Bay, Jamaica, was this inquisitive Cattle Egret who visited the snack bar. He seemed to be a frequent visitor for the staff had a name for him. He was completely unafraid and had an appetite for people food. I’m so glad I had my camera with me when he visited our table. Cattle Egrets are very common in Jamaica, but that did not make the interaction with him any less divine.

Photo Challenge – Reward? A Cuppa’ Ocean or Bay Please


“What does reward mean to you?”

Reward to me means a day walking, beachcombing or sitting on a sandy/rocky beach beside the ocean waves. I’ve been blessed in my life to have my idea of a reward fulfilled. Here are some of those ways…a reminder of a day at the beach on a cold Friday afternoon.





abel with lighthouse








block island 167

block island 203

Place – Jamaica/Montego Bay and the Glass Bottom Boat


A glass-bottom boat ride on the Caribbean sea is a terrific experience. Captain Poly and Paula, of Montego Bay, Jamaica, took us out on the Miss Poly. Captain Poly pointed out different fish, sea urchins and types of coral to us. A few of the “brain” coral are so large they probably have been growing for hundreds of years. We also enjoyed seeing the shoreline of Montego Bay from a new perspective. This was our fourth trip to Jamaica. It is a beautiful place. This visit we were fortunate to stay on both the South Coast and North Coast. I’ll post a few pictures of the South Coast tomorrow.


Captain Poly


The view from the glass bottom.


Captain Poly took a few moments to clean the glass off for us.


Snorkeling is terrific in Montego Bay.


On our way back to the dock.