Project – Tutorial Trio/Snowflakes & Floral Bows

It’s the time of year to begin gathering ideas for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. I’ve posted all three of these tutorials in the past, but decided to resurrect them for the coming holiday seasons. I will be starting to cut snowflakes for December decorating any day now. I like to have eight in each window. When you add it up, that’s a lot of snowflakes to cut. If I cut one or two per day I have more than I need by December 1st.

The first video in my trio explains how to create paper snowflakes.

The second snowflake video shows you how to coat the paper with wax so that moisture from the winter windows does not ruin all your work.

The third video demonstrates how to make a large-sized oblong bow for wreaths or packages.

It’s a good idea to get a jumpstart on plans and crafts for the upcoming holiday seasons of the Autumn and Winter. A little bit done each week equals less stress as the holidays draw near.