Pleasures – The Stowaway


Now usually this little guy on a geranium blossom would cause me to inspect the whole plant for any of his brother and sister cabbage worms. But…this guy somehow survived very cold temperatures and stowed-away on my plant when I brought it indoors. So instead of this post being categorized as problem-solving, it is titled “Pleasures.”


It gave me quite a chuckle when I began watering my geranium and caught sight of the small caterpillar. I will let him live out his lifespan on the geranium. Maybe he will spin a cocoon and overwinter, or maybe even hatch in the house. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a butterfly or moth flying in the house, taking us by surprise.


He hasn’t done much damage at all, just a few small holes and some missing geranium florets. Happy feasting little bug! 🙂