Painting – Monthly Challenges at WetCanvas

Photograph courtesy of Yorky

The WetCanvas Watercolor Studio has a terrific challenge posted for September.
September 2014 Watercolor Challenge – Sailing on Windermere

I love this reference photograph and I am determined to take part in this challenge.  One of the aspects I especially like about the Watercolor Studio Challenges is there is not a specific day you must post. You can even post after the month is over. I enjoy looking at the interpretations of those who have finished their watercolors in the early days of the month.

As I looked over the paintings already posted, I was entranced by the work of Jan Pastor. I followed the link at the bottom of her post to her Website and also looked up her Youtube Channel: Jan Pastor Youtube Channel

Check out some of Jan’s terrific tutorials if you are a painter. I can’t wait to find some extra time to watch these amazing videos. I know you will be impressed by her work too.

Photograph courtesy of Dewi

The WetCanvas Plant Parade Challenge for September is White Flowers. Hooray! I paint in watercolors and white is a challenge for watercolorists, but it will also be a joy to try and capture the essence of their purity on the paper. There are many good reference photographs included. I’ve included my favorite above. You can find the challenge here:
September 2014 Plant Parade Project

Anyone can take part in these challenges. To post your finished painting or artwork you must be part of the Wetcanvas forum. Wetcanvas is free, to join click on this link.
Register for free at Wetcanvas.

I can assure you after years of being a member I have never received Spam or a solicitation from this terrific site.

Painting – July Challenges

I’m posting three art challenges on my blog this month. Two are through WetCanvas, and one is through a site called Paint My Photo. To take part in the challenges you will need to sign up with the sites, but they are free, and it is very easy to begin and take part. Give them a try.

Watercolor Studio Challenge – Clematis


Photo courtesy of WetCanvas/Yorky (Doug)

Here is what Yorky (Doug) says about the challenge for July 2014:

“I am posting a photograph of my Clematis for you to try. You can paint the whole thing or make it a macro where traditionally petals touch three sides of the painting.”

You can find more information on July’s Watercolor Challenge here: Watercolor Studio Challenge/Clematis


Photo courtesy of WetCanvas/Karrie

The Plant Parade Challenge this month will be Iris. The photograph above is one of the reference photos provided. You can use a photograph from the challenge or an Iris photograph of your own.

Viven says: “The Topic for July is;

“The Iris”

The Iris – is only second to the Rose as the world’s most popular flower. Irises are a favourite subject for artists to paint, because of their stately form and beautiful, frilled petals.

There are a few rules……….

Crop, enlarge, distort, play, manipulate a reference in any way you wish. You can paint/draw in any size and any medium. “Reveal Day” is the 25thJuly,so please do not post your painting before that day. It is much more fun, and more interesting, if we all post more or less about the same time.”

The link for this challenge can be found here: July 2014 Plant Parade Challenge

I am including the “Paint My Photo monthly challenge. Take a look at this amazing artist resource and take the time to join in. You can find the information here: Paint My Photo July Challenge

Suzanne says of the challenge:

“This challenge is all about the creatures that live in the seas of the world…whether they are fish, sea-turtles, whales, seahorses, or coral …..anything that is supposed to live, swim, or exist in the watery world below the surface of the ocean.”

I’m not sure if I will be able to take part in all the challenges, but I am certainly going to try my best to do one and all!

Before I sign off here is a photo collage posted to WetCanvas of many of June 2014’s paintings of Peonies. Enjoy!