Pleasures and Problem-Solving – Bunnies


Years ago I transplanted some violets to my gardens. They are very prolific…almost becoming weedlike in spots. They are even scattered throughout the lawn. I love them though…they are welcome in my yard.


Recently, I spotted this little bunny under a pine. I have mixed feelings about bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks. I love them and enjoy watching their antics in the yard, but they also can be invasive and cause quite a bit of damage in the yard and gardens. I guess I will have to develop the same love for their invasiveness as I do for the violets and learn to battle them gently, but also enjoy their presence.

Perspective – Baby Bunny

There are so many rabbits in my neighborhood they run around in packs. I have about four or five who live in or near my yard. My gardens and many of my flowers are personally acquainted with the crunch of rabbit incisors. But…there has been the littlest, sweetest, most adorable baby bunny in my yard for a few weeks. He doesn’t eat my garden plants, at least not too much, he munches on the clover and other yard weeds instead. (This is one of the reasons why I put no fertilizer or weed preventative on the back yard grass) He also is quite friendly and doesn’t run as soon as I come out the back door. I can get quite close before he gets nervous and scampers away.

One day last week I heard a pathetic mewling cry in the back yard. I was sure something had snatched away the baby bunny, a wandering cat, a large hawk. Every time I went outdoors the baby bunny was nowhere to be seen. Oh the joy of it when a day later he once again was in the yard eating clover. I know he will grow up to be a big bothersome bunny who has lots of babies of his own, but for now, he is welcome in my yard.