Phlowers – Coleus Sprouts/Leaves of Many Colors

This is a leaf from one of my favorite indoor coleus. Have I  mentioned that in late summer, I choose a few favorites, take cuttings, and then grow the rooted coleus all winter? This gives me many pots of colorful plants and a good head start on summer color. The one above is a favorite. The leaf is large enough to cover my palm. The colors are a great mix, Kelly green, lemon yellow with touches of chartreuse green, and purest pink. I enjoy the textured growth of this leaf, and also the fringed edges. The leaf has a slight downward curve, giving it a graceful swoop as it grows from a strong stem.

Twelve months ago, the large coleus looked much the same as this year’s sprouts. Perhaps a few of them are offspring of this particular plant. The sprouts are just beginning to color and even display different shapes and sizes. I see one in the front that shows promise of interesting texture and color. I planted these coleus using my small seed technique. They are well-spaced, giving each one plenty of room to grow and giving the soil adequate airflow to combat damping-off disease.

The good news is these sprouts are only beginning to develop. They will become prettier, fringed, and deeper textured with each passing day. In about six weeks they will ready to plant into their final pots to wow the borders of the yard with their colors.

 2020 Coleus Seeds available for purchase at The Flower Ark Etsy Shop.

10 thoughts on “Phlowers – Coleus Sprouts/Leaves of Many Colors

    1. Timelesslady

      Hi Anne, I’m excited about this year’s coleus. They are still small, but showing great color and form already. Your seeds are from the same crop. Have fun!


        1. Timelesslady

          Thanks Anne! The photo was a lucky capture. The sun was shining through my window and illuminated the small sprouts. I love to see the faint gleam of iridescence in the structure of the leaves.


  1. Ruthie Young

    I love your coleus. and enjoyed seeing them last year. thought I’d grow some from seed, but alas, didn’t get it done. I did root some in water and have enjoyed them this winter. They will go into pots soon too. Who knows, may actually seed some next winter. a long way off!

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    1. Timelesslady

      Thanks Ruthie. I love rooting them. I have several growing in the house that were in outdoor pots last summer. Coleus are really a favorite of mine.


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