Pheathers – Jubilant



JUBILANT – The emotion I felt upon finding a robin’s nest within my wisteria bush.

Birds visiting my yard and feeders is one of my chief joys, I was delighted to discover a beautiful robin’s nest this week. Now, I must tiptoe around it, and hope the mother does not abandon her roost when lawn mowers and other noisy machines create a racket.

Phascination – Robin’s Nest


I happened to look up a day or two ago and spotted a mound of grass, sticks, ivy and bits of bark and debris emerging from an old bird house in one of our pine trees. On a nearby limb sat a mother robin, guarding her handiwork, and most likely, a clutch of eggs from predators and other birds.

My goodness! I never knew robins were such great guard birds. If a squirrel or another bird comes near the nest a whole troop of robins chases it away with much angry chirping and dive bombing. I’m fascinated that the mother robin seems to have many friends helping her make her nesting endeavor a success.

I love robins and feel great happiness one has nested in our yard.