Photographs & Pheathers – After the Storm/Skywatch Friday

It’s rainy and overcast again. In our area ‘April Showers’ are usually a reality and not just a cliché. I took a few photographs of the sky as the sun came out and broke through the storm clouds. I enjoyed the way the light illuminated one side of the trees with the backdrop of grey sky still behind them. The birds looked a little rain-weary, not really moving around too much, giving me a chance to zoom in and get a few interesting photos as they dried off.

If you have a chance take a peek at the Skywatch Friday BlogSpot for some stunning sky photographs. My photographs were taken within a half hour’s time, the storm cleared out quickly, the sun and wind are miraculous at breaking the clouds up and blowing them away.

Praise – Matthew 10:29


This sweet little vignette composed itself in my side garden. God provided the sunlight and flowers, my mother bought me the statue years ago. All I had to do was take the photograph, add the perfect verse and publish as today’s post. Please feel free to copy and use on Social Media, Desktops, Wallpaper, or as a reference for painting. Please “share” the message of God’s love. Have a Blessed Sabbath Day!