Pots and Pans – Quick Tip/Golden Chicken Broth Naturally

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I love to make homemade chicken broth out of whole stewing chickens or turkey carcasses left over from Thanksgiving or other special meals. I put the chicken, or the bones into a big pot, add varying amounts of celery, garlic cloves, salt, pepper, carrots, parsley and any other herbs that take my fancy that day. I don’t really measure these ingredients, it is usually what I have on hand. Onions are one ingredient I always add to my stockpot. I am very careful to use every scrap of onion skin that is free from discoloration. I wash this carefully and add it to my stock pot. The onion skins help to add that golden sparkle to chicken stock.

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A little dash of tumeric is another good choice for giving my chicken stock rich color. Tumeric is not only a colorful addition, it is also full of antioxidants and other benefits. You will find tumeric listed as an ingredient in many brightly colored foods.

Tumeric as a Coloring Agent