Posies – Garden Bouquet


I’ve added a new widget to my blog sidebar – “Garden Bouquet.” I thought it would be fun to display an ever-changing bouquet of what is blooming at any given time. Right now, daisies are having their “hey-day” in my flower beds. This bouquet features Echinacea, a Gerbera, and a few Black-eyed Susans. I’ve also added a stem of Four O’Clock, Violet leaves, Vinca vines, and some sprigs of Lavender and Verbena bonariensis.

By the way, after I succumbed to the big writing “no-no” of using a cliche , I wondered where the phrase “hey-day” originated. According to English Language and Usage “hey-day” has its origins here:

Hey·day [hey-dey] noun
1. The stage or period of greatest vigor, strength, success, etc.; prime: the heyday of the vaudeville stars.
2. Archaic . high spirits.

Pleasures and Problem-Solving – Bunnies


Years ago I transplanted some violets to my gardens. They are very prolific…almost becoming weedlike in spots. They are even scattered throughout the lawn. I love them though…they are welcome in my yard.


Recently, I spotted this little bunny under a pine. I have mixed feelings about bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks. I love them and enjoy watching their antics in the yard, but they also can be invasive and cause quite a bit of damage in the yard and gardens. I guess I will have to develop the same love for their invasiveness as I do for the violets and learn to battle them gently, but also enjoy their presence.