Plantings – Coleus Sampler

Coleus sampler 1

Sampler of last year’s coleus leaves.

I’ve been cleaning chaff from my coleus seed harvest, dreaming of next year’s new plants. When I’m finished the tedious task, I’ll place the seeds in the refrigerator or in the garage for a few weeks to give them a dose of coldness. This process is called stratification.

Stratification:  In horticulture, stratification is the process of pre-treating seeds to simulate natural winter conditions a seed must endure before germination.

For tips on stratification for seeds read this article: Making Winter for Seeds: Cold Stratification From Fridge to Snow Sowing.

I start my seeds in early January to have good-sized plants by late April/early May. If you’ve never grown coleus, give them a try. The colors and variety will be sure to please you.