Painting – WetCanvas March 2014 Plant Parade


Primroses are a favorite of mine at this time of the year. When the Wetcanvas Floral and Botanical forum chose primroses as their Plant Parade subject for March, it was an easy decision to dig out an old reference photograph and join in the creating of some floral art.

You can see the many interpretations of primroses here: WetCanvas March 2014 Plant Parade

The Plant Parade allows any type of art medium in the creation of the month’s flower. So all you artists at heart, whether you draw daily or haven’t picked up a sketchbook for decades, break out your pencils, paints, collage fabrics, etc. Whatever your medium, April is a perfect month to create a few flowers.

WetCanvas is a terrific site for every type of art under the sun. Take a few moments and browse their many subject areas.

*I always include an inchworm in my floral paintings…can you find it?

Phlowers & Painting – Primrose Part II

must create yellow primula

Yellow Primula by MustCreate

For those who like to paint/draw/craft all types of Flowerart, check out the WetCanvas March 2014 Plant Parade Challenge: March 2014 The Plant Parade – Primrose/Primula. The reference photograph for the beautiful primrose above, courtesy of the WetCanvas Reference Library and MustCreate, along with many others can be found on the WetCanvas site and used copyright-free for artwork. Happy creating!