Potions – Tub and Shower Magic

I am re-blogging this terrific household hint because it WORKS! I had always been wary of the way shower scum remover made my lungs feel. This homemade solution works and does not cause terrible fumes. (Unless of course you dislike the smell of vinegar.)

I have found another great potion from the Pinterest site. It led me to this blog entry: Tub and Shower Magic by Bobbin.

Gather together the articles in the picture: Dawn Dishwashing Detergent (original formula), Distilled White Vinegar, Measuring Cup or Cups, Spray Bottle & Funnel.

Heat Vinegar in Microwave or Stovetop.

Mix 12 ounces of Dawn  and 12 ounces of hot white vinegar.

One tip I will add to the directions is to use a funnel if you have one. I am not good at pouring into a small opening and instantly spilled about an ounce of the Dawn down the side of the recycled spray bottle.

Shake until combined. They separate much like oil and vinegar. Spray on shower stall or anywhere with soap scum. The blue color makes it easy to coat every inch. Let sit for about five minutes. Wipe down with rag or sponge and rinse. Voila!  Sparkling tile or doors.

The pluses of this potion:

No harsh chemical smell in my lungs, it is not expensive to make, and all the items used in this project were easily obtained.

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