Pots and Pans – Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Nothing is worse than running out of an essential ingredient when you are in the middle of baking or cooking. Last week I was whipping up a batch of oatmeal cookies and realized I was out of brown sugar. No problem. I mixed up my own.

Add 1 tablespoon molasses to 1 cup of white sugar. Stir together…you have light brown sugar. Do you need dark brown sugar instead? Add 2 tablespoons of molasses to the sugar and mix.

After I tried this I realized I found the taste is heartier and much better than the store bought brown sugar. I’m hooked on making my own now.

Tip: Use your food processor for even faster results.

2 thoughts on “Pots and Pans – Make Your Own Brown Sugar

    1. timelesslady

      Hi Morgan, everything I add the brown sugar to tastes scrumptious, but it is especially good in my cookie recipes. I love the heartier taste. Thanks for the comment. Kathy


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