Problem Solving – Critter Wars Part III

First of all, there was not supposed to be a “Part III” in my Critter Wars post. Sadly, I found more critters, not the outdoor type this time, these are indoor pests.

I have had really good luck growing herbs from seed indoors under lights in my basement. I have been pleased with the success for many reasons, I know they are organically grown, I can grow hundreds for the price of just one in the grocery store, and I can grow a large variety to use in my cooking and crafts.

After the last few days of warring with the outdoor insects and animals, the last thing I wanted to find was a colony of Aphids on my indoor plants.

I found a few Remedies for Aphids on the Internet and followed the directions for the first line of attack: heavy sprays of water. This worked on a few, took them down into the soil and drowned them. In a few hours though, a few hearty pests climbed the stems again and began to set up new colonies. My next attack was with my Homemade Organic Pest Control. This seemed to take out the more determined bugs. A few are still lodged in hiding places in the stems and leaves though, so my next option is to dab with an alcohol soaked Q-tip. If all these remedies fail I will toss the plants in the garbage and begin again. GRRRRR…

7 thoughts on “Problem Solving – Critter Wars Part III

  1. Did these plants make it, Kathy ?
    My problem is finding flower pots/planters for the large number of seedlings I have. Pots are very costly where I live and I do not have enough ground space to plant them.
    Sigh !!

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    1. Can you make pots out of buckets or recycle some household items. Big pots are expensive here too. Maybe we can find a way to make some between us. I am going to start some avocados this week…one in water, one in soil…let’s do it together. I will post this week on it. Then we can keep each other updated, and anyone who reads, through the comment section of the post, and when both our avocados are growing, write a new post.

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      1. I bought a few pots yesterday- got them really cheap and of course, they will not last long.But at least they will hold my plants for a short duration. We have a very short growing season here, and I want to make the most of it. I tried using ice cream tubs last year- plants didn’t do too well.

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            1. My terracotta lasts a bit longer, but eventually they dissolve into cracks and big pieces will chip off… one thing I do like about earthenware pots is the moss that sometimes will grow. It looks so woodsy, but in truth, it will also cause the eventual breakdown of the clay.

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