Plants and Pressed Flowers – Buttercups

In the Mid-Atlantic States it is the season of the buttercup. I love these sweet yellow blooms. I thought the clump I photographed recently in a public park was a perfect specimen. I hope to paint it one day as a botanical watercolor. There is one problem with the photograph though. Buttercups reflect light so intensely off their petals, the details of the flower are a bit obscured in the brilliance. I found a great article that explains why buttercups reflect light. You can read it here: Why Buttercups Reflect Light.

Buttercups are one of the best pressed flowers for color retention. I have found I need to pinch away the hard green center before I press them in books. You can gently heat the book or just place it under weight for a few days.  I have many flowers to use throughout the year if I am diligent in picking and pressing them in the few weeks they are in bloom. I like to press most with their stems intact. If I chose to use only the flower it is easy enough to snip the stem away. Buttercups combine well with blue lobelia and ferns.

8 thoughts on “Plants and Pressed Flowers – Buttercups

  1. There are thousands of buttercups here in coastal Pacific Northwest. I wondered how the color would hold up and now I know!
    I have horses and one buttercup can kill a horse, so I’m super careful about them. Perhaps I’ll just pick and press… 🙂

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  2. seith

    Hello, I would love to be able to use a couple of those wonderful pressed flowers images for a game I’m working on (it’s called “Ghost of a Tale”). Would it be alright with you? I can financially compensate you of course as well as give you credits for the pictures.

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