Projects and Pressed Flowers – Greeting Card Stockpile

I have quite a stockpile of pressed flowers ready to use for greeting cards and other projects. I love creating these unique cards. The heart in the photograph above has a small butterfly in the top left hand corner. I was pleased with the way it fit into the theme of the card.

I have several birthdays, some graduations and other events in the next few weeks that will need a card. I haven’t found a way to make these card appear masculine, so I bought two male-themed graduation cards instead. (Cringe…they are so overpriced and not unique in any way whatsoever…big sigh) If someone has ideas for masculine themes with foliage and flowers, please comment. I almost feel the card pictured below fits the bill, but not quite. Created with birch bark, ferns and subtle wildflowers, it is almost rustic, but is still a little flowery.

Flowery hearts are one of my favorite cards to make. They are also easy to create. Lightly sketch a heart shape, add foliage, and space flowers around the edges.

Every now and then I create a composition that disappoints me. I am not too thrilled with the card below, and I will probably peel off the layers and try again. I think it is the static placement of the dark flower, and the loss of the curving edges of the heart. This composition appears boxy and without grace. I should have been more careful to keep the edges of the petals inside the shape of the heart. Feathery, small pieces of foliage and twirly sprigs look fine escaping the confines of the heart, but large petals jutting out too far detract. I’m sure if you study the one I am unhappy with, you will agree.

7 thoughts on “Projects and Pressed Flowers – Greeting Card Stockpile

    1. timelesslady

      I use rubber cement for the ones that aren’t covered. Others are dropped upside down onto a product called Coverseal, a type of sheer artist contact that is very high-grade.


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