Planting – Square Foot Garden and Container Update

My Square Foot Garden is still going strong. I have replanted my spring section with Fall vegetables. The summer section is bearing fruit, and I am harvesting the bounty. The peppers are delicious, the eggplant are producing fruit. The newcomer, spaghetti squash, is huge and starting to turn golden. The bush beans are quite a thrill. I planted some new varieties and have had so much fun watching them fruit and dry on the vine. I have to check my cucumbers daily to make sure one isn’t hiding away becoming a MONSTER of a CUKE. The photo below might not seem like such a large cucumber, until you realize it is a Kirby pickling sized cuke.

In my garden containers, the tomatoes are cascading over the tops and are bearing quite a bit of fruit. Even though the rascally squirrels steal some of the bounty, I have brought some of the tomatoes inside to my windowsill and they are ripening.  (A neighbor has since told me that this is due to the dry drought conditions we are experiencing. The squirrels ease their thirst with the juice inside the tomatoes.)

Black Brandywine, Amish Paste, Cherry Tomatoes & Kirby Cucumber

I’m excited as I daydream about what surprises my Autumn garden might bring.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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