Projects – Stepping Stone Walkway

I decided this summer that I really must go through all the shells, rocks, mosses and other natural items I had stockpiled in the garage during the twenty-five years we have lived in this house. I have made a dent in the collection. In the spring I created planters with a border of seashells, and in the last few weeks I have been creating stepping-stones with my huge rock collection. I love to step along the stones and relive the feel of walking across them on the beaches, bays and creek beds where they were gathered.

3 thoughts on “Projects – Stepping Stone Walkway

    1. timelesslady

      Maria, I didn’t use cement. I dug a sloping hole in the dirt and grass, placed the stones inside in the pattern I wanted and sifted the dirt back over the tops. I watered them in and walk on them as often as possible. In a few years, as they sink, I might need to dig them up and replace them in the pattern, but just putting them in the dirt gives me the option to change them up. I also am hoping moss or other greens will regrow in between them. Kathy


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