Pleasures and Pinterest -Natural and safe aromatherapy

Yesterday my grandson was baptized. Afterwards family and friends gathered at our home. Since the weather is cooler, and there has been so much moisture in the past weeks, the house smelled a little musty. It was the perfect opportunity to use an idea for naturally freshening the air I found on the Pinterest site.

Fill an aromatherapy pot, a small crockpot, or a pot on the stove with water. Add a capful of pure vanilla extract, some fresh lemon peel and snips of rosemary. I used fresh Rosemary, but I think dried would work just as well. Heat to a simmer. This fragrance is soft and natural and doesn’t seem to cause anyone, even those with allergies, any breathing or headache problems.

Be watchful of heating elements and be aware of possible fire hazards when in use.

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