Phun and Play – Scattering Paint with a Straw

Once again, I made good use of the Pinterest Boards and found a “phun” project for the grandsons. Materials: paper, googly eyes and other lightweight decorations, markers, washable paints (we used Crayola brand) and a straw.

Using a measuring spoon I doled out about 1/4 tsp of two paint colors onto the paper, fairly close together. The boys then blew on the paint through the straws to move the paint in every direction. The colors blended together forming a third color. Because wet paint acts as a glue when it dries, we added our decorations: pompoms, googly eyes, foam stickers while the paint was wet.

When the “creatures”were dried we drew arms and legs. The boys had a great time making this project. It was challenging enough to keep the six year old interested and easy enough for the three year old to do without feeling frustrated. SO MUCH PHUN!!!

One thought on “Phun and Play – Scattering Paint with a Straw

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