Pressed Flowers – Cutting Pressed Autumn Leaves Part II

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A few months ago I promised a Part 2 to my Pressed Flower Post on how to cut Autumn leaves without shattering them. Mod-Podge works great to add a layer of stabilization to the leaves, watered down Elmer’s Glue will also work in a pinch. Brush the Mod-Podge onto the back of the leaf, let dry, and cut out your shape. You can find the full post here:  Cutting Autumn Leaves

Another way to cut Autumn leaves is to use Wonder Under. Wonder Under is a fusible web made by Pellon. Wonder Under can be purchased in any fabric store. Craft and hobby outlets also carry fusible web, but you usually have to buy a full package, a waste of money if you need only a quarter yard or less.

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Create a pattern. I am working with a bird house shape.

blog Jan 009

Trace pattern onto Wonder Under and fuse with an iron onto the back of the leaf or bark. Remember, whatever pattern you choose will reverse itself in direction when fused to the back.

blog Jan 014

Another technique is to fuse the Wonder Under directly to the back of the leaf, and then after tracing the pattern, cut out the shape you desire from the leaf.

blog Jan 011

I am sometimes tempted to remove the Wonder Under backing and fuse the cut leaves to the card stock. This is not a good idea for two reasons, the removal of the backing often destroys the leaf, and the heat of the iron will usually warp the card stock to some degree. It’s a better idea to leave the Wonder Under in place permanently and glue the leaf to the card with the fusible web intact.

blog Jan 015

It’s fun to create different shapes for your pressed flower work using the beauty of Autumn leaves and the thin bark of a birch tree. Have fun.

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