Product – Natural Reader


Sometimes listening to your written words read aloud allows you to hear mistakes that proof-reading by sight alone does not reveal. I can’t even begin to number the times I have read, and re-read my blog posts, only to find a grammatical, spacing or spelling mistake at a later date. It is hard, sometimes next to impossible, to edit your own work. The Natural Reader website helps alleviate some of these problems. Yes, the free voice is a bit stilted and robotic, but it gives a sense of flow to what you have written, revealing grammar mistakes, or errors of omission in your text. Give it a try!

Here are two links for Natural Reader:

Natural Reader Instruction Page
Natural Reader Home Page and Free Download

auto crit

Another good tool is Auto-Crit. You can try this program for free, and if you are a daily writer, you might want to purchase the program. It will reveal grammatical errors, word count, excessive word usage, etc.

Click here to try Auto-Crit: Auto-Crit

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