Planting – Sowing Seeds Part II/Hanging Gardens

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I sowed several varieties of tomatoes and eggplant yesterday. Because these plants love warmer temperatures I decided to forgo winter sowing for them and planted them indoors. Last year, my tomatoes did very well in my sunniest windows, but space on the shelves and tables in front of these windows soon became a problem. Since I save my light table space for lower growing plants, I crossed that option off my list. Instead I decided to put a Pinterest idea into practice.

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To begin, I gathered together a few of the empty juice containers I have been saving. Since I prefer milk cartons for outdoor winter sowing, I have at least two dozen or more  juice containers cleaned and ready to use. I also rounded up an old net scubber, rubber bands, thick yarn, and of course seed starting medium.

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After cutting the juice bottle 1/3 up from the bottom, I was left with a good sized top section. I covered the top opening with a doubled up portion of netting and secured it in place with a rubber band.

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I turned the top portion upside down and added the seed starting medium, planted the seeds, and added a tag cut out of a recycled detergent bottle.

Using a skein of extra thick yarn, I fashioned rudimentary macrame plant hangers over my extra strength curtain rods and hung my gardens. Every time I see them silhouetted in my back window I smile. Hurry Spring!

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