Projects and Plants – Update/Geraniums, Coleus and Tomatoes

Blog April 030

The geranium plants I overwintered in the cold garage are growing amazingly well under lights in my basement. Several of the leaves are full-sized in only three weeks of warmer temperatures and intense light. Hooray!

Original post and how-to found here: Geraniums Reborn

Blog April 026

The coleus seeds I carefully sowed with a wet pencil tip have grown well, and have never experienced damping off disease.

How to sow small seeds without waste: Planting Small Seeds – Coleus

Blog April 039

The tomatoes I sowed in recycled juice containers have also steadily grown in my back window. I thinned them out a week ago, and was able to save a few of the extra tomato seedlings in recycled coffee cans.

Check out the original post here: Hanging Tomato Gardens

Blog April 043

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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