Project & Plants – Creating a Houseplant Trellis


My indoor geraniums have grown very tall. The stems are not standing up beneath the extra weight the height adds; time to create some type of a stake or trellis for support.

I gathered up supplies: string and twigs. I also had some pipe cleaners on hand in case I needed something to hold the twigs in place while I tied the string.


I laid out the basic shape and then began tying the twigs together using a double cross-over knot. I used a haphazard pattern instead of trying to perfectly space each stick.


A quick trim of the excess twig length on the sides and the trellis was ready to use.


The trellis cost me nothing; the twigs were gathered, and I had the string on hand. I think the green sticks make a prettier and more natural-appearing support than the cheap plastic varieties I see available in garden centers.

Quick Tip & Plants – Over-wintering Geraniums


I am overwintering my geraniums in cardboard boxes this year. If you have room in your garage or basement, consider saving your geranium plants too. I lift my plants from the ground with a spading fork and brush away as much soil as possible. After they are stored in boxes, I will check the plants each week to remove dead leaves. It’s also a good idea to inspect the geraniums every few weeks for the development of mold or mildew.

Susan’s in the Garden,”video tutorial demonstrates two techniques for over-wintering your geraniums.

Photograph – Shadowland Selfie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall.”


I love shadows on the walls. This week I wandered into an upstairs room and found my geraniums, backlit, and casting amazing shadows on the wall. Of course I had to enter into the Shadowland.



Adieu for today my friends!


Planting – Repotting Over-Wintered Geraniums


Most of last summer’s geraniums were over-wintered in a box in my basement. I had only a 25% success rate with this method. Happily, the one geranium that succeeded in staying green was my Martha Washington geranium. The others looked more like the photograph below, completely lifeless.


No matter how far down I cut along the stem, I found little trace of green or possible viability.


I had better success with the potted geranium. In the Fall, I found it very easy to pick the pot up off its stand and transport it into the house. No matter that the leaves had a inchworm stowaway. He ate only a little bit of greenery.


The plant has bloomed luxuriantly in a sunny window giving me many moments of joy when I walk into the room it grows in.


The geranium isn’t about to stop giving me moments of bliss with its bright flowers. This is a photograph of a new bud I took yesterday. The success of the plant has made up my mind where the coming summer is concerned. I will grow all the geraniums in pots, and in the Autumn bring them inside to cheer up the house all winter long. Happy Gardening!

Projects and Plants – Update/Geraniums, Coleus and Tomatoes

Blog April 030

The geranium plants I overwintered in the cold garage are growing amazingly well under lights in my basement. Several of the leaves are full-sized in only three weeks of warmer temperatures and intense light. Hooray!

Original post and how-to found here: Geraniums Reborn

Blog April 026

The coleus seeds I carefully sowed with a wet pencil tip have grown well, and have never experienced damping off disease.

How to sow small seeds without waste: Planting Small Seeds – Coleus

Blog April 039

The tomatoes I sowed in recycled juice containers have also steadily grown in my back window. I thinned them out a week ago, and was able to save a few of the extra tomato seedlings in recycled coffee cans.

Check out the original post here: Hanging Tomato Gardens

Blog April 043